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01 Apr 2016

Simultaneously affable and efficient, Dr. tezcan has a knack for putting you at Ease and allowing one to just feel at peace even while assorted dental

Implements go into one’s mouth.

His facilities are well run and he is always ready to do his work for you at the appointed time, oftentimes he may get to work on you early if you arrive a little bit before the appointed time. The atmosphere is immaculate and welcoming and there is always a sink ready to rinse out once you are done.

Dr. Tufan tezcan is one dentist who does not live up to the much maligned reputation his profession has accrued and does not make visits to his office feel like a burden, chore, or even make you wish you were elsewhere.


6 jan 2016

Dr. Tufan has been my dentist just for a week. I came to him very unhappy with the shape of my teeth and my Veneers that never lasted long.

I never had a great experience with the dentist before him and was amazed when he completed a bite study on my teeth and discovered that they only met in one place when I bit down. The simple chewing of food was destroying my teeth. the work that he did on my teeth was nothing short of a miracle and they look great now, the porcelain crowns are doing so great and I am so happy with him level ofexpertise and detail orientation. It has made all the difference.He is a real magician!! I extremely recommend to everybody who needs to get perfect smile .

Carima- France

28 sep 2014

Hi..This is Carima from Morocco who lives in Paris. I am a woman in my thirties and always embarrassed by my teeth. I confess that I had some worries to fly Istanbul for my dental treatment before to meet Dr. Tezcan!!

He is a very nice person who do not count his time, very available and respectful man… He is more than just a dentist, I would say a magician… His work is meticulous, serious, esthetic, of good quality and is very attentive to the needs of his patients

I regret a thing is not to have met with earlier. I was always afraid of dentists but with him it was different, he knows how to put you at ease, take the time to know you and understand your needs,.. I have not felt no pain . He gave me a new smile and I can not wait to go back to finish my treatment.. I live in France and check the price of the Zircon crowns where unreachable and I did not want bad qualities from France, that’s why I went with no hasitate to Istanbul…

In brief, I recommend you to make a contact with Dr. Tezcan if you have any dental problem, also, Nowadays, flights are very affordable price..meanwhile, Istanbul is a very beautiful and cehapest city for everything…. The Cabinet ofDoctor is located in a very classy and modern at the seaside area, it was a pleasure to go and to stroll in the neighborhood. Pay you the pleasure to be treated by the Best dentist from Turkey, for a less expensive cost than your home country and for sure a better quality and work !

Thanks again Dr Tezcan !!! See you soon Inchallah !!!


19 feb 2014

I was a new patient and I have a fear of Dentist from a child. Everyone in the office was so kind.I had Dr. Tezcan who looks like a baby to me but he was so gentle. I didn’t feel a thing during the treatment in a 6 days of the 25 veneersdone!!.

Thank You so much for being so nice.Bless you all.


01 Jun 2013

“He is the best”

Dr. Tufan is really amazing his work is just perfect. He converted my smile to a perfect smile.

Simply his work is amazing, and he really take care of his patient before visiting the clinic, during the visit and after the visit and he s available 24/7.

He makes you feel like you are a part of his family. I recommend anyone who’s visiting Istanbul to visit

Dr. Tufan because he is the best. Thank you Dr. Tufan for the amazing smile.


30 May 2013

I was treated great by Dr Tufan Tezcan. He is very knowledgeable and his chair-side manner is perfect.

He explained everything he was going to do in terms that I could even understand.

Dr Tufan is one of a kind and most famous cosmetic dentists of Istanbul.

First of all, he is very gentle as old time knights and absolutely incredible!!

When I walked into his clinic, I felt at home. He was insightful in every steps of my treatment. I highly recommend him.


20 Mar 2013

My treatment went very well. Dr Tufan is a gentleman and an excellent dentist.

I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of travelling to Istanbul for dental work.


18 Jan 2013

If you are looking for a very skilled dentist with more then 35 years of experience then you’ll be in good hands by Dr. Tezcan. Using the latest technologies he can guarantee a painless treatment.

You can call him everytime, and I’m sure you will come back with the biggest smile you ever had.


14 May 2012

Anyone who is looking for a professional dentist with a wealth of experience can feel more than secure in visiting Dr. Tezcan. I found him very informative, honest, professional and unique in the sense that he treats everyone he works with as an individual first rather than just a patient. Throughout my treatment he was more considerate, patient as well as informative than any other dentist Ihad seen in the past. All in all, I would say that regardless of your condition,I would highly recommend that at the least, you should consider arranging a consultation session with Dr.Tezcan in order to see just what myself and the other people on this page are talking about.

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