Aesthetically superior removable appliances with full functionality and comfort.

Light-weight, stronger than hard acrylic dentures and no visible metal clasps – only tissue coloured clasps that blend with natural teeth.

They require no adhesives, will adjust to irregularities in the mouth and stay in place even under harsh chewing conditions.

The secret is the undercut of the gum ridge. Deflex flexible dentures hook into these undercuts to provide the stability needed to eat tough foods like apples and even hard nuts.

The advantages with the Deflex semi-flexible denture are that additional teeth can be added after construction ( ideal for partial dentures) and there is no discolouration or loss of shape often associated over time with nylon type flexible prosthesis.

The flexible resin material is non-porous so it won’t support the growth of bacteria. But even though it’s non-porous, the denture will still retain a slight amount of moisture to keep it comfortable against the gums.

Deflex dentures are available in 5 different shades (shade guides available on request).